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What is Adobe Code Signing?

Adobe Code Signing is a process of digitally signing Adobe software, such as Adobe AIR applications and PDFs, to certify the authenticity of the code and assure users that it is safe to install and run. Code signing helps protect users from malware and other security threats by allowing them to verify the identity of the software publisher and ensure that the code has not been modified since it was signed.


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Standard Code Signing Certificates

Elevate the security and credibility of your Adobe software applications with an Adobe Code Signing Certificate. By obtaining this specialized certificate, you're ensuring the integrity of your code and enhancing user trust. Adobe Code Signing Certificates are tailored for Adobe platform-specific software, enabling you to digitally sign your software with a recognized signature that assures users of its authenticity. Strengthen your software's reputation and foster user confidence by investing in an Adobe Code Signing Certificate today.

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Extended Validation (EV) Code Signing Certificates

Secure your Adobe software applications with the highest level of trust and assurance through an Adobe Extended Validation (EV) Code Signing Certificate. Elevate your software's integrity and credibility by obtaining this specialized certificate, which not only verifies your organization's identity but also digitally signs your code with the utmost validation. With an Adobe EV Code Signing Certificate, you prominently display your verified identity during installation, building user confidence and mitigating security concerns.

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An expedient and budget-friendly solution for signing scripts and executables within Adobe AIR applications.

Features and Benefits of Adobe Code Signing Certificate

Security : Adobe Code Signing ensures the authenticity and integrity of your software applications. It prevents unauthorized modification of your code and protects users from potentially harmful or tampered software. 

User Trust: When users download and install software signed with Adobe Code Signing, they receive a verified assurance that the application is from a trusted source. This significantly boosts user confidence and encourages wider adoption of your software. 

Mitigating Security Warnings: Code signed with Adobe Code Signing is less likely to trigger security warnings during installation. Users are more likely to trust and install software that has undergone a stringent verification process.

Compliance: In certain industries, like finance and healthcare, regulations require the use of code signing to ensure secure and compliant software distribution. Adobe Code Signing helps meet these requirements.

Protection Against Malware: Code signing helps in preventing the distribution of malware. By signing your code, you demonstrate your commitment to security and make it difficult for cybercriminals to distribute malicious software using your organization’s identity.

Smooth Installations: Code signed with Adobe Code Signing faces fewer installation hurdles, resulting in a smoother user experience. Users are more likely to install software that doesn’t trigger security alerts.

Platform Compatibility: Adobe Code Signing is designed to work seamlessly with Adobe AIR applications, ensuring that your signed software operates reliably across platforms and environments.

Enhanced Reputation: Using Adobe Code Signing elevates your software’s reputation by showcasing your commitment to security best practices. This can result in increased user loyalty and a stronger market presence.

How Does Adobe AIR Code Signing Certificate Work?

How Does Adobe AIR Code Signing Certificate Work?

An Adobe AIR Code Signing Certificate works through a process of digitally signing your software applications to verify their authenticity and integrity. Here’s how it works:

Certificate Acquisition: Obtain an Adobe AIR Code Signing Certificate from a trusted Certificate Authority (CA). This involves providing your organization’s identity and undergoing a verification process to ensure legitimacy.

Code Signing: Once you have the certificate, use it to sign your Adobe AIR applications’ code. This involves generating a digital signature using the private key associated with the certificate. This signature is unique to your code and can only be generated with your private key.

Digital Signature: The digital signature is essentially a cryptographic hash of your code that is encrypted using your private key. This signature is embedded in your application, usually within a signature block.

Distribution: When users download your signed Adobe AIR application, their system’s operating system or security software can verify the digital signature. It does this by decrypting the signature with the corresponding public key found in your certificate.

Verification Process: The operating system checks if the decrypted signature matches the hash of the downloaded code. If they match, it means the code has not been altered since signing and comes from the verified source (your organization).

User Trust: The visible trust indicators, like the verified organization’s name, appear during installation, reassuring users about the software’s legitimacy. Since the signature is trusted by the operating system, users are less likely to encounter security warnings.

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