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Digicert Code Signing Certificate

Elevate your software's credibility and security with a Digicert Code Signing Certificate. By digitally signing your code, you ensure its authenticity, build user trust, and safeguard against unauthorized modifications. With Digicert's renowned encryption technology, your software distribution becomes tamper-proof and reputable. Don't compromise on code integrity – buy your Digicert Code Signing Certificate today for peace of mind in every download.

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  • Two-factor authentication
  • Time-sensitive signing
  • Microsoft Defender SmartScreen
  • Support for hardware security modules
  • Protects your software
  • Universal platform compatibility

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Why Should You Choose Digicert Code Signing Certificates?

Trusted Reputation

Digicert is a well-established and highly reputable Certificate Authority (CA) known for its rigorous validation process and strong encryption standards. When your software bears the Digicert seal, users immediately recognize it as coming from a trusted source.

Industry Compliance

Many platforms and operating systems require code signing to ensure security compliance. Digicert’s certificates meet industry standards, enabling you to seamlessly distribute your software on various platforms without encountering barriers.


Digicert’s code signing certificates support time-stamping, which extends the validity of your signature beyond the certificate’s expiration date. This is crucial for long-term software distribution and ensures your signature remains valid even if the certificate expires.

Global Reach

With Digicert’s widespread recognition, your signed software gains international credibility. This is particularly valuable if your software is distributed across different regions and languages.

Supported Platforms

Windows 8.0 and later

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge​

MS Office Macro and VBA

MS Office Macro and VBA

Microsoft Authenticode

Microsoft Authenticode​

Apple applications & plug-ins

Apple applications & plug-ins​

Mozilla object files

Mozilla object files​

Java Applets

Java Applets​

Adobe Air

Adobe Air​


Frequently queries about Digicert Code Signing Certificate

A Digicert Code Signing Certificate is a digital certificate that adds a cryptographic signature to your software, verifying its authenticity and integrity. This signature builds trust among users and platforms, ensuring that your code hasn't been altered or tampered with.

Once you've obtained a Digicert Code Signing Certificate, you use it to sign your software. The certificate's private key generates a unique digital signature that's attached to your code. When users download your software, their systems verify the signature, confirming the software's authenticity.

Yes, Digicert Code Signing Certificates are widely recognized and compatible with various platforms and operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and more.

Absolutely. Digicert Code Signing Certificates can be used to sign a wide range of files, including executable files, scripts, installers, and more.

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Digicert Code Signing

Code signing increases user confidence and trust

Digicert Code Signing is a service provided by DigiCert, a leading Certificate Authority (CA), that offers digital certificates specifically designed to enhance the security and trustworthiness of software applications. Code signing involves adding a digital signature to software files, such as executable programs, scripts, and installers. This signature serves as a cryptographic seal that verifies the authenticity and integrity of the software.

When you sign your software with a Digicert Code Signing Certificate, you are essentially “sealing” your code with a unique digital fingerprint. This fingerprint is generated using a private key associated with the certificate. Users who download your software can then verify the digital signature using the corresponding public key, confirming that the software hasn’t been tampered with since it was signed and that it originates from a trusted source.

Get Code Signing to Protect Your Software Code