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Buy EV Code Sign Certificate from a trusted certificate authority to increase software or application downloads by eliminating unknown publisher security warnings. EV Code Signing Certificate includes a strict vetting process, Microsoft SmartScreen Filter, and multiple platform support with the organization type displayed in the certificate.

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  • Instant Windows SmartScreen
  • eSigner cloud signing available
  • Team sharing available
  • CSC cloud signing standard compatible
  • Malware Scan available
  • Automate CI/CD pipeline code signings with CodeSignTool

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1 Year


1-3 days


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3 Years


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Advantages of EV Code Signing Certificates

Edge and Windows® SmartScreen® reputation

A software or application signed with EV Code Signing certificate immediately work with Edge and Windows® SmartScreen® reputation services. 


Our EV Code Signing Certificate comes with Timestamping feature it means a digital signature will remain valid even when the certificate is expired. 

Extended Validation Process

EV Code signing certificate requires a strict vetting process as compared to standard code signing certificates. A certificate authority verifies all important information related to the organization from the publisher’s organization name, physical address, and jurisdiction. EV code signing involves authentication of the originator and the authenticity of a file to give a secure environment to developers for their software code.

Latest Security Standards

Our Extended validated code signing certificate meets the latest security standards like SHA-2 hash algorithms, and timestamping.

Avoid Security Warnings

A software or application which is signed with EV Code signing certificate will show a verified organization name when an user download a software.

Two factor verification

EV Code Signing certificate comes with Require two-factor authentication which protect the private key from malware or stolen via hardware token and PIN combination.

Supported Platforms

Windows 8.0 and later

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge​

MS Office Macro and VBA

MS Office Macro and VBA

Microsoft Authenticode

Microsoft Authenticode​

Apple applications & plug-ins

Apple applications & plug-ins​

Mozilla object files

Mozilla object files​

Java Applets

Java Applets​

Adobe Air

Adobe Air​

Get Code Signing to Protect Your Software Code


What is a EV Code Signing Certificate?

The EV Code Signing Certificate offers best-in-class security features with an encrypted USB token for better software and application security. The certificate displays a verified publisher name by verifying the publisher’s identity as prescribed by the CA/Browser forum guidelines. EV Code Signing Certificate allows developers to sign their code with organizational identity and demonstrates the authenticity of their software.

An EV Code Signing certificate is issued as per CA/Browser forum standards and is compatible with all major platforms, including IE, Edge, Windows 8, and the Microsoft SmartScreen Application Reputation filter. The certificate adds an additional layer of security to your code and executable files. Extended-validated certificates are considered the most secure digital certificates, as their private keys are physically mailed through an external source.

Get Code Signing to Protect Your Software Code