Renew Your Code Signing Certificate at $64/Year

Ensure the continuous security and trustworthiness of your software applications by renewing your code signing certificate. By proactively renewing, you guarantee seamless software distribution without interruptions. Keep your code signing capabilities up-to-date and maintain user confidence in your applications. Renewing your code signing certificate is a straightforward process that reinforces the authenticity of your software and enhances its reputation among users.

Renew OV Code Signing Certificate

Renew Standard Code Signing

Secure the ongoing credibility and integrity of your software applications by renewing your Organization Validated (OV) code signing certificate. By renewing in advance, you ensure the seamless distribution of your trusted software and maintain user confidence. Refreshing your OV code signing certificate is a simple yet essential step to uphold the legitimacy of your applications and continue building strong user trust.

Our Price:$64.50 /Year
Total :$64.50 USD

Renew EV Code Signing Certificate

Renew EV Code Signing Certificates

Elevate the security and user trust of your software applications by renewing your Extended Validation (EV) code signing certificate. By proactively renewing, you ensure the consistent assurance of your software's authenticity and integrity. Maintaining an up-to-date EV code signing certificate signifies your commitment to the highest level of verification and builds unwavering user confidence. Renewing your EV code signing certificate is a vital step in upholding your software's reputation and ensuring smooth installations.

Our Price:$249.00 /Year
Total :$249.00 USD

What Happens When Your Code Signing Certificate Expires

Security Warnings: Operating systems and security software may display warnings to users when they attempt to install software signed with an expired certificate. These warnings can deter users from proceeding with the installation, leading to a poor user experience.

User Trust: An expired certificate diminishes user trust in your software. Users are more likely to question the legitimacy of applications signed with an expired certificate, which can result in decreased adoption rates.

Distribution Disruption: If you rely on code signing for software distribution, an expired certificate can disrupt your distribution process. Without a valid certificate, your ability to sign and distribute software is compromised.

Malware Risk: Hackers might attempt to exploit expired certificates to distribute malware or conduct phishing attacks, as users are less likely to scrutinize expired signatures.

Incompatibility: Some platforms and application stores may reject or mark software with expired signatures as outdated or unreliable, impacting your software’s visibility and reach.

Update Challenges: If you need to release updates or patches for your software, an expired certificate can hinder your ability to sign and distribute these updates, potentially leaving users vulnerable to security issues.

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