Code Sign Certificate

Types of Code Signing Certificates

EV Code Signing

Elevate trust in your software with Extended Validation (EV) Code Signing

OV Code Signing

Boost software credibility with Organization Validation (OV) Code Signing

Individual Code Signing

Secure your code's integrity with an Individual Code Signing Certificate

Cheap Code Signing

Economical code security: Affordable Signing Certificates

Protect Code

Cheap Code Sign Certificate

Sign up to avail your software of a trusted and genuine certificate that will guarantee its quality of functioning.
It assures your users that your software is genuine and provides an impeccable user experience.
Guarantee no interruptions to ensure that your software is trustworthy and genuine for the users. Thus, get certification for your software from well-known and authentic certification authorities.

Reflect on the authenticity and quality of your software with a trusted certification.

Key Benefits to Consider for Code Designing Certifications

Optimum Protection

When you sign your software digitally and choose any globally reputed authority for certification for the same, you ensure optimum security for your software and the software users. It is a mark of assurance from the most trusted certification authorities.


Boosts Brand Name

When your software gets recognised and certified by well-known certification authorities, it automatically enhances and boosts the name of your brand and software.

Enhanced User Experience

When your user finds that the software they are using has certification from an authentic global authority, it boosts their confidence. As a result, they trust your software and their user experiences automatically become optimum.

Better Revenue

When you have a certificate calling your software authentic and certified, it automatically attracts more users. And the more users, the better the revenue is incoming for you.

Do you need a code signing certificate?

Every software developer needs a code signing certificate for themselves or their software. It becomes a sign or an identity for them that reflects their authenticity and high quality of skill and functionality. It offers the coder and the software a medium of appreciation. The users thus tend to rely more on such certified software and coders as it offers them a guarantee from renowned global authorities.

Why Use Code Signing Certificate?

  • It states who the author or realtor of the software is

  • It ensures that the code of the software is intact and unchanged or untouched after its signing

  • Becomes a hallmark of trust and authenticity

  • It offers a seamless user experience.

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Why is Code Signing Crucial?


Protection of your code

A Cheap Code Signing Certificate helps safeguard the integrity of your code and hence, your reputation. The digital certifications include digital signatures that consist of proof of content integrity.

Eliminates security warnings

When you try on a trustworthy Certificate Authority or CA, it assures you of the elimination or reduction in the security earnings. It ensures a better seamless user experience.
Customer Experience

Better customer experience

Your software and coding is successful when you can offer your customers or users the best user experience. 


it is compatible with all platforms that, includes Microsoft Authenticode, Java files and applets, Apple applications, and Adobe AIR files.



$64.50 /Year

Comodo Code Signing

$79.20 /Year

Digicert Code Signing

$419.07 /Year

How Can You Define Coding Certificates?

Medium to ensure the authenticity of a software A coding certificate is a digital certificate that consists of the information that identifies an entity totally, and a Certificate Authority issues such certifications. The authorities might include GlobalSign. The certificate consists of and defines the identity of an organisation to a public key that relates mathematically to a private key pair. It offers recognition professionally to specific software and the coder of it for its expertise, achievement and judgement. It provides a guarantee for the following.

  • The authenticity of the software
  • Reliability of the software
  • Good fertility of the software.

  • Platforms

    Windows 8.0 and later

    Microsoft Edge

    Microsoft Edge

    MS Office Macro and VBA

    MS Office Macro and VBA

    Microsoft Authenticode

    Microsoft Authenticode

    Apple applications & plug-ins

    Apple applications & plug-ins

    Mozilla object files

    Mozilla object files

    Java Applets

    Java Applets

    Adobe Air

    Adobe Air


    Most Common Question
    About Code Signing

    A cheap code signing certificate is an affordable way to verify the authenticity and security of software, boosting user trust. They prevent the insertion of malware into the software by building trust between the software vendor and the software user.

    The importance of code signing is increasing in today's software industry. It offers a check on the integrity of software. It also provides peace of mind to customers and extends trust from the CA to the developer

    When obtaining a certificate to protect software code, it is essential to meet certain minimum requirements. These standards are intended to protect your software against malicious code and other threats. These standards are also designed to minimize your risk. Specifically, CAs must verify that you are the correct person before issuing you a certificate. They can do this by sending you a notarized ID form, which you should download and sign. In addition, CAs should provide time-stamping authority, which is a vital element of code signatures.

    The standard version doesn't disable or evacuate the Microsoft SmartScreen warnings. It continues until you establish a reputation determined by higher downloads and minimum bug reports.

    The extended version of code signing certificates eliminates all warnings after completing a thorough publisher's history process. This essentially helps in enhancing the user experience as no warning signs pop up and interrupts your functioning.


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