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Comodo Code Signing Certificate

With the Comodo Code Signing certificates, you have protection for your software. At the same time, the reputation through this certification enables you to integrate digital signatures with your executables. It also allows software developers to maintain the integrity of their software code.

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Product Specification

  • Globally recognised certification authority 
  • Eradicates warning messages 
  • Meets the standard of the industry
  • Maintains integrity of your software’s code 
  • Protects your software
  • Adds a good reputation mark to your software

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Why Should You Choose Comodo Code Signing Certificates?

Offers Protection to Your Software

Your software gets rid of the content messages. You need not worry about the consistent interruptions after you sign up for the Comodo Code Signing certificate.

Saves the Integrity of Your Software Code

It ensures that your software coding is not changeable. Modifiable or copied without authentication. Thus, the integrity of the software’s code remains intact with the Comodo Code Signing certificates.

Globally Recognized

Comodo Code Signing certificates are globally accepted and recognised and are from a global certification authority.

Offers Your Software a Distinct & Trusted Reputation

Since Comodo Code Signing certification have global recognition, any software or developer owning this certification is the hallmark of authenticity and trust.

Factors that Make Comodo Code Signing Effective

Digital Signing Option

You need not worry about manually or physically obtaining the certification; such processes take considerable time and expense. Instead, choosing Comodo Code Signing certification enables you to sign digitally, which is a 32-Bit or 64-Bit portable executable.

Availability of Different Types of Files

You can receive the certification in different file formats. It includes .exe, .ocx, .dll and various other file formats in which you can receive the signing certificate for your software.

Make Reliable Sales

The most significant benefit of opting for the Comodo Code Signing certification is making your software a guaranteed reliable site for your users. Thus, it is a hallmark for the users that they download trusted and worthy software.

Marks Authenticity of Your Software

The Comodo Code Signing certification is a globally recognised certification authority, which becomes an influential factor in marking the authenticity of your software. Apart from this, the certificate lets the users know the software’s publisher or publishers, and consequently, they understand that the software is authentic.

Protects the Integrity of the Software

When you create software, one of the many risks is piracy, copying your software or changing the code. It is crucial to ensure that the integrity of your software remains unhampered. And here, the Comodo Code Signing certification is functional in verifying that the code of your software has not been changed, copied or damaged since its publication.

Hugely Compatible

The Comodo Code Signing certification is compatible with Adobe Air, Java, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Authenticode, Apple, Mozilla, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP and Silverlight.

Supported Platforms

Windows 8.0 and later

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge​

MS Office Macro and VBA

MS Office Macro and VBA

Microsoft Authenticode

Microsoft Authenticode​

Apple applications & plug-ins

Apple applications & plug-ins​

Mozilla object files

Mozilla object files​

Java Applets

Java Applets​

Adobe Air

Adobe Air​


Frequently queries about Comodo Code Signing Certificate

The Comodo Code Signing certification is a globally authenticated certification authority. Thus, it offers a guarantee for authenticity, protects your software's integrity and makes your software reliable for use.

The Comodo Code Signing certification ensures that your software is not copied, changed or tampered with after the time you publish your software.

The certificate marks the authenticity and integrity of your software. As a result, users find it more reliable to download certified software. Therefore, it helps in improving your software sales.

Get Code Signing to Protect Your Software Code


Comodo Code Signing

ideal way to guarantee the best for your software

Comodo Code Signing certification is the ideal way of ensuring the best for your software. How is it so? Well, what can be better than ensuring the authenticity and integrity of your software?

The Comodo Code Signing certificate ensures that your software and its code have been untouched and unchanged since it was posted. Therefore it assures the users that your software is safe and reliable.

Additionally, your users get to know the software’s creators. This enables better trust in your software from the part of the users. Your software gets authentic recognition from one of the globally recognised authorities for certification.

Specific Characteristics of Code Signing Certificate

Code signing certifications ensure that the scripts, downloaded software, and executables have not been tampered with. It is also a guarantee that they are safe to download and install. Consequently, it enhances consumer confidence.

  • Eliminates all warning messages, including the messages of “Untrusted” and “Unsigned” from the operating system, when the users download the software
  • Enhances the download rates of the software
  • Compatibility is impressively high
  • Helps sustain the integrity of the software

The code signing certifications guarantee that the authenticity of the software is also intact. Lastly, it verifies your identity as a genuine and authentic software developing company or a developer.

Get Code Signing to Protect Your Software Code


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Comodo is a recognized Certificate Authority (CA) trusted by major platforms like Microsoft and browsers like Chrome. Their certificates are generally considered good, offering a balance of affordability and security features.

However, it’s important to compare options and choose a CA that best fits your specific needs and budget.

Comodo’s code signing certificate pricing varies depending on the level of validation and features selected. Prices typically range from $199.50 to $349 per year, with individual signings potentially costing around $10.

Yes, Comodo is a Certificate Authority (CA) that issues various digital certificates, including code signing certificates. They have been operating since 1998 and are recognized by major industry players.

Comodo Secure refers to a suite of security products offered by Comodo, including code signing certificates.

While Comodo strives to maintain security, it’s crucial to note that no security solution is foolproof. Implementing additional security practices like code audits is essential for comprehensive protection.

The renewal process for a Comodo code signing certificate typically involves:

Receiving a renewal notice: Comodo will usually notify you before your certificate expires.

Purchasing a renewal: You can renew through Comodo’s website or an authorized reseller.

Re-downloading the certificate: Once renewed, download and install the new certificate.

Remember, specific steps may vary, so consult Comodo’s documentation or customer support for the most accurate renewal instructions.