Code Signing Certificate uses the X.509 certificate to check and verify every code deployment using a hash function to confirm their original authors.

Cheap Code Signing Certificate

Cheap code signing certificates allow developers or publishers to digitally sign their code to protect against tempering and potential malware. A code signing certificate places a digital signature on code or executable files and confirms that the code does not contain any malware or is safe to download. These certificates are usually used by developers or software development companies to protect their original code and make it tamper-proof. A code sign cert tells browsers and iOS that the source code is authorized and legitimate to download and install. Cheap code signing certificate is an affordable cryptographic method used by developers to digitally sign files and scripts by validating organization details.

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Advantages of Cheap Code Signing Certificates

  • Improve user trust and confidence
  • Eliminate unknown publisher security warning
  • Multi-platform combability
  • Ensure the integrity of code
  • Protect against malware
  • Increase download rates and revenue
  • Essential security to distribute commercial software
  • Verified publisher name when download a software
  • Available for both individual and companies
  • SHA-2 encryption and 3072-bit/4096-bit RSA key

Protect Your Code with Cheap Code Sign Certs

A code-signing certificate is crucial for any developer or software company to minimize security issues when a customer downloads software. A cheap code signing certificate from trusted, reputed certificate authorities protects your application code, your brand, and your customers from unwanted malware and illegal code theft. Code signing certificate includes the digital signature of executables, drivers, and scripts to ensure the authenticity and integrity of software code.

The code-signing certificate relies on the latest technology and industry standards and meets CA/Browser Forum authentication standards and Microsoft specifications. The certificate offers the best security solution for both: Developers to sign their code and customers to download the code with confidence. 

A cheap code-sign certificate works at a high level of encryption using a public and private key, like an SSL certificate. A digital signature is the only way for developers to prove the authenticity of the original source. These certificates are based on asymmetric cryptography to provide unbeatable code protection. 

Code signing certificates are issued by reputed and trusted certificate authorities that validate the identity of the publisher before signing the code. The digital signature contains all important information in the certificate, like the company name, location, etc. A developer must have a valid code signing certificate to distribute their software or application on various platforms. Once the application or software code is signed by a valid authority, that means any software version that has a signature has not been altered by any unauthorized source.



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