Code signing certificates are a critical component of software development and distribution. They ensure the integrity and authenticity of your code by digitally signing it, allowing users to trust your software. However, procuring a code signing certificate can sometimes be an expensive affair. This blog post delves into the top 6 cheap code signing certificate providers that offer budget-friendly options for developers and businesses without compromising on security. Code Signing Certificate

Cost – $64/Year

Review – 4.5 Stars is a well-established name in the cybersecurity industry. While they are best known for their SSL/TLS certificates, they also offer cost-effective code signing certificates. Their code signing certificates are compatible with popular development platforms like Java, Microsoft, and Adobe AIR.’s code signing certificates come with the following features:


Affordable Pricing: provides budget-friendly options to cater to the needs of individual developers and businesses.

Compatibility: Their certificates are compatible with popular development platforms like Java, Microsoft, and Adobe AIR.

Security:’s code signing certificates offer robust security to ensure the authenticity and integrity of your code.

Trusted Certificate Authority: is a trusted name in the cybersecurity domain, known for its reliability and user-friendly interface.

Comodo (now Sectigo) Code Signing Certificate

Cost – $266/Year

Review – 4.0 Stars

Comodo, now part of Sectigo, has a long-standing reputation for providing digital security solutions. Their code signing certificates are designed to secure code for a wide range of applications.


Affordable Options: Comodo (Sectigo) offers competitive pricing for individuals and businesses.

Platform Compatibility: Their code signing certificates are compatible with various development platforms.

Trustworthiness: Comodo (Sectigo) ensures that your software remains tamper-free and trusted.

Global Recognition: As a globally recognized certificate authority, Comodo (Sectigo) offers assurance and reliability.

DigiCert Code Signing Certificate

Cost – $512/Year

Review – 4.0 Stars

DigiCert is renowned for its SSL certificates and extends its offerings to code signing certificates designed to secure your software and code.


Industry-Leading Security: DigiCert is known for providing code signing certificates with advanced security features.

Platform Compatibility: These certificates work seamlessly with major development platforms.

Competitive Pricing: DigiCert’s code signing certificates are competitively priced to accommodate different budgets.

Trusted Authority: DigiCert’s reputation as a trusted certificate authority adds credibility to their offerings.

Sectigo Code Signing Certificate

Cost – $266/Year

Review – 4.0 Stars

Sectigo, formerly known as Comodo CA, is a prominent player in the certificate authority industry, offering code signing certificates that are reliable and budget-friendly.


Affordable Pricing: Sectigo provides cost-effective options, ensuring affordability without compromising security.

Platform Compatibility: Their certificates are compatible with a variety of development platforms.

Enhanced Security: Sectigo’s code signing certificates are designed to provide robust security for your software and code.

Trusted Name: With a strong presence in the cybersecurity domain, Sectigo is a trusted name in the industry.

Thawte Code Signing Certificate

Thawte, a subsidiary of DigiCert, offers a range of SSL and code signing certificates. They are known for their affordability and simplicity, making them a preferred choice for developers and small businesses.


Budget-Friendly Options: Thawte offers competitive pricing with different certificate options to cater to various budgets.

Platform Support: These certificates support a wide range of development platforms.

Trustworthiness: Thawte ensures that your software is trustworthy and untampered.

Reputable Authority: As a subsidiary of DigiCert, Thawte benefits from the reputation and trustworthiness of its parent company.

GeoTrust Code Signing Certificates

GeoTrust, another subsidiary of DigiCert, provides affordable code signing certificates suitable for a wide range of applications. Their offerings cater to different budgets and security needs.


Affordable Choices: GeoTrust’s code signing certificates offer diverse options with varying features, ensuring budget-conscious customers have suitable choices.

Platform Compatibility: These certificates are compatible with major development platforms.

Security Assurance: GeoTrust’s code signing certificates provide the assurance that your code remains secure and trusted.

Backed by DigiCert: Being a subsidiary of DigiCert, GeoTrust benefits from the credibility of a well-known certificate authority.

Code signing certificates are essential for securing your software and building trust among users. You don’t need to overspend to get the protection your code deserves. The top 6 affordable code signing certificate providers, including, Comodo (Sectigo), DigiCert, Sectigo, Thawte, and GeoTrust, offer budget-friendly solutions without compromising security. With the information provided in this review, you can confidently select the provider that best suits your needs, ensuring your software remains secure and trustworthy. Invest in the security of your code today and establish a solid reputation in the digital world.

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